Spontaneous visit to the MAS on a Sunday? No need to miss out on a guided tour, because our guides are waiting for you in the temporary exhibition. They'll accompany you through the hall, sharing extra stories and facts. Be sure to put the following info in your diary!
Sunday 10 January 2021 from 14:00 to 15:30
Individual visitors

On Sundays, an experienced guide will guide you through the '100xCongo' exhibition. Guided tours are available in Dutch, French, English, Lingala and Congo Swahili.

Guided tours in Dutch

  • 10 and 24 January 2021
  • 7 and 21 February 2021
  • 7, 14, 21 and 28 March 2021

Tickets guided tour Dutch

On some Sundays an expert will take you on a discovery 'Walk & Talk'. After a visit to the expo, a panel discussion will follow or a talk with the curator.

  • On February 28, curator Els De Palmenaer will guide you through the exhibition.

Tickets Walk & Talk 28/2

Other languages

  • 31 January 2021 (Lingala)

Tickets guided tour Lingala

  • 14 February 2021 (French)

Tickets guided tour French

  • 17 January (Congo Swahili)

Tickets guided tour Swahili