Antwerp is a port city where the world has been mooring at the docks for centuries. The MAS collection is the place where city and world meet. 500,000 exhibits offer a varied perspective on the city and its age-old contacts with the world. Some of them are displayed in permanent and temporary exhibitions, but most are kept in storage. In the Visible Storage area, the MAS lifts a corner of the veil. For the really inquisitive, the MAS also has its entire collection on display online.

Various collections under one roof

The collections to be found in the MAS today were previously spread across several different specialised museums in Antwerp. The opening of the MAS in 2011 brought them all together under one roof. The MAS combines collections, both inside and outside its walls, from:

  • The former Ethnographic Museum
  • The former National Maritime Museum
  • The former Folk Museum
  • Part of the collection of the Butchers’ Hall
  • A collection of museum harbour cranes
  • The Paul and Dora Janssen-Arts collection of pre-Columbian art, on loan from the Flemish Community.

And there’s more. Under the heading of ‘The Antwerp Collection’, the MAS also coordinates all cultural heritage items from or in the city of Antwerp. Even if they are kept elsewhere.