Experience the MAS for children, with or without mum, dad, grandma and grandpa. Participate in a crazy family game, organise a very memorable birthday party or follow a creative holiday workshop. Your child will inhale culture in a 65-metre high tower until he or she is dizzy from all the input. To top things off, the whole family can picnic on the roof of the MAS. Where else are you treated to such a breathtaking view of every corner of the city?

Visiting a museum is not always a child’s biggest dream. That’s why we created a few fun tours, customised for each child:

•    Be taken in tow by a guide on a family tour during school breaks
•    Explore the MAS with messages in a bottle from captain MASsimilian
•    Search for the missing parts of Captain MASsimilian's ship
•    Children have fun during a workshop with or without parents
•    Invite your friends to a lavish birthday party in the MAS
•    Picnic 65 metres above the city