+4 Celebration!

from June 1, 2018

Celebration! is a true feast for all the senses as it takes you through the various traditions around the world in celebration of life's rites of passage. The exhibition features a unique mixture of festive objects from various museum collections in an original decor with an exceptional soundtrack. So come along and get swept away by the new exhibition at the MAS.

At the Celebration! exhibition you will be immersed in the colourful traditions in celebration of life's different rites of passage. Whether it's a christening, wedding, graduation, funeral, adulthood … we tend to get together and celebrate. And in doing so we can sometimes overstep our boundaries with serious consequences.

Indeed, we have all heard of the giants' parade, the Antwerp Pride and the feast of Chrysostomos, also known as the last 100 days at school. However, the exhibition also reveals how the Hindu community launches Ganesha out onto the water in honour of their god; how the Brazilian Ticuna Indians base their most important celebration on young girls' first menstruation or how Mexicans remember their dead during Dia de Los Muertos.

The celebration wouldn't be complete without the exhibition's unique soundtrack, especially compiled by contemporary artists such as Coely and Pomrad. We'll also regularly be playing the sounds of nostalgic music on the Decap dance and fair organs around the dance floor. Feel free to get on down.