The Antwerp Museum App is your new guide

Your personal guide in and around Antwerp's museums

You'll discover a treasure-trove of art and history in Antwerp's museums. The Antwerp Museum App is a handy way to learn more about those treasures. The app is full of exclusive information and interesting tours of the museums and the city.

The Antwerp Museum App?

The Antwerp Museum App, that's every museum in Antwerp in one app. It enables you to follow tours in various museums in Antwerp and around the city.

This app is:

  • free
  • for Android and iOS
  • for smartphone and tablet
  • available in Dutch, English, French and German

available in the app store

Which tours are included?

Choose the MAS audio tour.  

During this tour you'll discover the story behind this exceptional building and its collections and exhibits. Allow yourself to be touched by encounters that originated over the centuries thanks to the river and the port. Here or elsewhere.

An underlying layer: 

Crossroads of different cultures

People and goods traditionally arrive in the city via a port, via a waterway. The rest of the world is at the feet of Antwerp's residents.
Antwerp has swarmed with different cultures, people and goods for centuries. It's no coincidence that the MAS museum is located on that lively crossroads.

The audio tour tells you major stories and small anecdotes about the past, the present and the future of the city and the world. Stories about people with diverse mentalities and social environments. During the tour you'll enter all the theme galleries.

De app downloaden

Ga met uw smartphone of tablet naar de app store. Zoek op Antwerp Museum App. Klik daarna op download. Zo simpel is dat!

Download the app

Surf to the app store with your smartphone or tablet. Search for the Antwerp Museum App. Then click on download. It's that simple!


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