The colleagues at the MAS

The MAS I Museum aan de Stroom is owned and operated by the City of Antwerp. Antwerp’s largest museum needs lots of employees to keep things running. Discover the faces behind the building and the objects.


  • Marieke van Bommel: director
  • Frank Wouters: executive secretary
  • Theo De Nijs: team leader
  • Wim Van Damme: team leader

Policy and development

  • Rita Adriaenssens: administrative support
  • Caroline Van Osselaer: coordination of events, Handjesactie

Marketing and communication

  • Claire Verstraeten: team coordinator, responsible for marketing and communication MAS and Red Star Line Museum
  • Marc Grenné: campaigns MAS and Red Star Line Museum
  • Nadia De Vree: coordination press museum City of Antwerp
  • Jeroen Lagrou: online communication MAS and Red Star Line Museum

Public Relations

  • Cathy Pelgrims: team coordinator
  • Liene Conard: responsible for MAS in Young Hands
  • Tammy Wille: responsible for workshops, guides and target group activities
  • Karin Vetters: support image and print, graphic design


  • Leen Beyers: team coordinator, collection acquisition
  • Vera De Boeck: coordinator heritage and city participation
  • Els De Palmenaer: curator Africa collection, coordinator collection acquisition
  • Annemie De Vos: curator Vleeshuis collection
  • Vincent Boele: curator North and South America collection and Oceania collection
  • Jan Parmentier: curator maritime collections before 1830
  • Roselyne Francken: curatorAsia collection
  • Waander Devillé: curator maritime collection after 1830
  • Nadia Nsayi Madjedjo: Curator Images 


  • Sandra Lintermans:  team coordinator, team leader productions
  • Julia Rossow: production - exhibitions
  • Annemie Schelfhout: collaborator production
  • Femke Gherardts: collection and repository manager
  • Nathalie Wagemans: collection loans
  • Tom Van Ghent: image registration


  • Hilde van Dongen: facility manager
  • Wim Audiens: building manager
  • Sandra Loos: assistant building manager
  • Marc Peeters: technical assistant

Maintenance and management

  • Femke Gherardts: collection registrar, thesaurus manager, responsible for the warehouse
  • Nancy Daems: library and ethnography collection in the Hessenhuis