In 2020, it will be exactly one hundred years since Antwerp, still in colonial times, acquired its Congolese museum collection. What are the stories behind the Congolese objects? And how did they end up in the port city? The exhibition focuses on one hundred unique Congolese works and examines their significance to various Congolese peoples. You will become acquainted with the impact of Christian missions on Congolese culture and with the Congolese' view of the 'whites' (mundele).


During the exhibition, you'll find out about the early contacts between Europeans and Africans, portraits of Africans through the eyes of Antwerp masters and the presence of Congolese at the World's Fairs in Antwerp.

The MAS invites you to contemplate the perception of Africans through time. The exhibition is also an opportunity to reflect on the significance of Congolese art, past and present, and the way in which the Congolese museum collection came to exist in Antwerp.

As part of the exhibition, the MAS is collaborating with Belgian and Congolese artists and researchers and is entering into dialogue with Antwerp residents, both of Belgian and African origin.

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100 x Congo. A century of Congolese art in Antwerp
19/06/2020 – 08/11/2020

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A powerful image of a standing female figure whose head averts the viewer's direct gaze, AE.0609, Collection City of Antwerp, MAS, photo: Michel Wuyts