The MAS works with international academic, museum and content partners and international heritage communities associated with the MAS collection. This collaboration is as many-sided as the MAS collection itself, ranging from the port city of Antwerp (cultural traditions, history, art) via international shipping (maritime objects) to Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania (art and cultural traditions).

An example from practice

The Northern Seas Maritime Museums Network, together with the MAS, organised its triennial international conference at the MAS on 6-8 September 2017. The theme is ‘Maritime Collections and Academic Research – their Mutual Relevance’. The conference revolved around three questions:

  • How can scholars best utilise maritime collections in their research?
  • How should maritime museums most effectively apply the outcomes of academic research to museum products and activities?
  • How can universities participate in museumprogrammes to valorise their findings to the wider public?

The call for papers and the programme can be found here

Important international partners of the MAS include: