The MAS works with a very wide range of people and organisations in Antwerp. These include occupational groups, women’s groups, archives, community centres, libraries, neighbourhoods, collectors, religious communities, museums, universities, youngsters, artists and many others.

For example

In May 2016, the MAS organised the exhibition Antwerp à la carte. In the start-up phase, a team of volunteers, the ‘Shop Explorers’, collected information about Antwerp’s food shops since the 1950s. Dozens of shopkeepers contributed to this project. The stories went on display in the city in 2015 and can now be seen in the MAS.

Antwerp à la carte is accompanied by a catalogue, compiled with the partners from the exhibition’s advisory committee: The University of Antwerp Centre for Urban History, the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Centre for Agricultural History, the Centre for Flemish Architecture Archives, the architect Carolyn Steel and the anthropologist Irene Cieraad.

Antwerpen à la carte. Eten en de stad van de middeleeuwen tot vandaag. Antwerpen, BAI, 2016.

Important local partners