MAS in Young Hands, is the name of the MAS’s youth crew. They turn the MAS into a museum for young people and ensure that a visit to the MAS is an unforgettable experience for youngsters too.

MAS in Young Hands, the MAS’s youth crew

The MAS has gathered a team of young people. Their assignment is: turn the largest and most captivating museum in Antwerp into a second home for young people living in and around Antwerp as well as for foreign visitors. The museum offers them all the tools it has available so that their mission is successful. The crew works together closely and intensively and organises late night openings for youths, museum nights, etc. A new team is put together every one years. 

Feel like participating? Send an email to and she will keep you informed about the new call for candidates.

Meet the youngsters:

The MASup app guides you through all eight floors no time

MASup is an adventurous discovery of the largest and most captivating museum in Antwerp. Six tours in one app take you on a surprising voyage of discovery through the museum.

Every tour has a leitmotiv of facts, secrets and games. Choose from 'Een vluggertje', 'I’m Kanye West', 'Ik zien A geire', 'MAS op wereldreis', 'Lazy Sunday' and 'Mijn date is heet'.

If you don’t know what to choose, use the gamble button. The app will choose for you. Download the MASup app (in Dutch).

Interesting works of art and the view is amazing

A top-class collection awaits you at the Museum aan de Stroom – a collection about the world in Antwerp and Antwerp in the world. But the most important work of art lies at your feet: the city.

Borrow a picnic blanket at the ticket counter and enjoy fantastic views of Antwerp from 60 metres above ground. It’s different every day yet always spectacular.