The MAS exchanges knowledge and experiences with academic, museum and other content partners in Flanders and Belgium on an ongoing basis.

An example from practice

ETNOCOLL, the platform of Belgian institutions with non-Western collections, focuses on issues such as the restitution, visibility and conservation of collections, collaboration with source communities and research and training projects.

From 23 to 30 August 2017, ETNOCOLL and the University of Antwerp organised a seven-day international summer school on the preservation and restoration of ethnographic objects. The MAS served as a practical example. The students visited the depot where the collections Africa, Oceania, America and Asia& are stored. They were given a guided tour of the MAS exhibitions, looking at the presentation of non-Western heritage. This summer school was facilitated by FARO and the King Baudouin Foundation.

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Treatment of a polychrome Nkanu panel from the MAS collection during the first edition of the Summer School.
Photo: UAntwerpen Faculty of Design Sciences (Vincent Jauniaux), August 2016

Important national partners of the MAS include:












Initiation panel of the Nkanu (Dem. Rep. Congo)
Donation: Congregatie Broeders OLV-Lourdes (Oostakker)
2016 MAS.0170.051