New configuration for Life and Death

2 museum halls are also going to be closed

A number of spaces on the +7 'Life and Death' and the +8 'Art from Pre-Columbian America' are receiving a new arrangement. Beginning the end of September, discover more than 80 new objects, new video material and an impressive model of Jerusalem.

Beginning 20 August, a number of spaces in the halls '+7 Life and Death' and '+8 Art from Pre-Columbian America' are being renewed. Certain portions of the exhibitions are being dismantled and replaced by new configurations and new display cases. The icing on the cake is the new model of Jerusalem on the seventh floor. The halls will still remain accessible for visitors during the main part of the breaking down and rebuilding, however, at certain time periods the halls will indeed be completely closed.



  • The 7th floor is completely closed from 29 up to and including 31 August;
  • On 29 August the 8th floor is closed in the morning.

In both museum halls there are no guided tours possible from 21 August until the end of September.