The MAS is a rather new museum owned by the City of Antwerp. It opened in 2011. The city was able to count on the support of sponsors and other partners for the museum’s realisation. New agreements have been established since then.


Umicore, KBC Bank- en Verzekering, the Antwerp Port Authority and SD Worx were the first proud Founders of the MAS. Each of them made a substantial, structural contribution for five years. One Founder became concessionaire of a MAS pavilion: the ‘Port Pavilion’ (Port of Antwerp). Umicore also financed the production of the 3000 hands that adorn the façade of the MAS.

Privileged Founders

Three of the four Founders have extended their privileged relationship with the MAS:

Umicore specialises in the refining and recycling of precious metals. It has had a historic relationship with the City of Antwerp since 1887.  Umicore’s location along the River Scheldt has earned it the name ‘Factory on the River’.
The current structural sponsor contribution makes the most important annual temporary exhibition possible.

The Antwerp Port Authority plays an important role in the daily operation of the port of Antwerp. It is devoted to a sustainable future for Antwerp as a world port.
The current structural sponsor contribution is spent on caring for and unlocking the maritime heritage collection.


Main sponsors


Eandis tends to the exploitation of the extensive distribution network for electricity and natural gas.
Eandis has supported the museum’s design with small temporary exhibitions in the ‘Kijkdepot’ (+2 floor).


Sponsor partners


BAI publishes catalogues, art books, cookbooks and merchandising.
BAI enables the sale of all MAS publications via the MASshop.

Logo BAI


Hands sponsors

When the MAS opened in 2011, the crowning touch was 3000 shiny aluminium hands that adorned the façade. Interested parties could purchase a hand via a sponsor package that ranged from €1000 to €5000. The hands literally cause the city icon to glitter and sparkle. The immortalised names of the hand sponsors are listed in the MAS Boulevard.