The Belgian philosopher Jaap Kruithof (1929-2009) collected 10,000 items, things that other people usually discard. In the meantime, he criticized the disposable culture. Half of the Kruithof collection is now given a new life thanks to the work of visual artists Guy Rombouts and Benjamin Verdonck. They create a new installation with the objects.

Which objects are worth saving and which are not? Jaap Kruithof  has thought a lot about this. He was outraged by the disposable culture and collected discarded and cheap items. His collection had around 10,000 objects that were donated to the MAS after his death.

Together with numerous partners, starting with the Kruithof family, the MAS devised a plan for this collection in 2018. Half would become a philosophical museum collection, while the other half of the collection had to play an active role in society.

Artists Guy Rombouts and Benjamin Verdonck are now working on this museum collection and are creating a new visual work with the objects. This creation encourages thoughts and emotions around the value of things.

With the other half  of the collection, the MAS started an Upcycling project, in which interested individuals and organisations can give a new life to the pieces from the Kruithof collection.

The MAS offers 5,000 items in 80 boxes. The only condition is that all the objects have to be reused. The new owner may not sell or throw them away, nor return them to the MAS. In this way, the Kruithof collection is returned to society. And that leads to surprising results. 

Read more  about the project and the results on the Kruithof blog (in Dutch):

Practical information

The art installation can be visited free during the opening hours of the museum in our Visible Storage on the 2nd floor, from 3/04/2020.

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