From Vleeshuis to MAS

From Friday 21 October 2016

MAS | The visible storage goes back a long time, long before the MAS emerged.This exhibition tells the fascinating history of the Vleeshuis Collection and displays an exceptional selection which is normally kept behind closed doors.
Friday 21 October 2016 - 10:00

The Vleeshuis collection is one of the four special collections that has been merged into the MAS since 2011. In addition to the collection of the Vleeshuis, Mas also manages the ethnographic, maritime and folklorist collections. All four MAS collections have their origins in the Museum of Antiquities. In the 20th century it grew into four separate museums. The rearrangement of the Antwerp museum landscape brought them back together in the MAS in 2011.

The story of the Vleeshuis Collection begins about a hundred years ago in the historic building with the same name. The monumental Vleeshuis opened its doors as an annex to the existing Museum of Antiquities in ‘het Steen’. The Vleeshuis Collection is a particularly rich collection: Form historical objects from the City to coins and medals, archaeological finds and weapons, to scientific collections ... Today the bulk of the collection is invisible to the public, stored in the depot. Since 2006, the Vleeshuis Museum has housed the Sound of the City.

This free exhibition in the visible storage presents a selection of special pieces that are normally stored in the depot. The visible storage facility also shows the evolutions that have created the Vleeshuis Collection. Over the years, the collection had an irregular process of growth, rejection and reunion. It is a fascinating story that coincides with diverse social, economic and political events. This exhibition reveals some of the history behind the MAS collection and offers the visitor an extraordinary look behind the closed doors of the depot.



From Vleeshuis to MAS

  • From Friday 21 October 2016
  • Free entry



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