Cool Japan

17 October 2019 - 19 April 2020

In spring of 2019, the MAS is launching Cool Japan. This exhibition immerses you in the worldwide fascination for Japanese visual culture with icons such as Hello Kitty, samurai, spooky yokai (spirits and monsters) and robots.

Le MAS fera aussi un focus sur la longue tradition à l’origine de la culture populaire japonaise d'aujourd’hui, avec des pièces anciennes exceptionnelles en prêt ou issues de ses collections. Dans « Cool Japan », vous pourrez regarder et découvrir, mais aussi interagir, par exemple en bavardant avec le robot Pepper ou en feuilletant des mangas pendant des heures

Through unique historical works from its own collection and loans, the MAS shows the long tradition from which contemporary Japanese pop culture has grown out. In ‘Cool Japan’, you won't only be able to look and explore; there are also lots of things to do such as talking to robot Pepper or reading manga comics for hours on end.

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Cool Japan
From 17 October 2019 to 19 April 2020

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Uki-Uki (2012)
Hiroyuki Matsuura 
Acrylic and gold foil on canvas
390 x 130 cm