As a museum, we have a responsibility to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 and to protect risk groups in any way we can. Therefore the MAS is closed until the 19th of april 2020. All our planned events are cancelled until the end of the month. Visitors that bought a ticket, will be informed personally. For some events, we are looking into the possibility of setting a new date.



  • Now that the MAS is closed due to the coronavirus COVID-19, we are making our museum halls virtually available.
  • Exhibition
    18 October 2019 - 19 April 2020
    The exhibition 'Cool Japan' immerses you in the worldwide fascination for Japanese visual culture with icons such as Hello Kitty, Zelda and Sailor Moon..
  • Exhibition
    A century of Congolese art in Antwerp
    The exhibition ‘100 x Congo’ focuses on one hundred unique Congolese works and examines their significance to various Congolese peoples, the impact of Christian missions on Congolese culture and the Congolese' view of the 'whites' (mundele). Opening 19.06.2020.
  • Exhibition
    Guy Rombouts and Benjamin Verdonck rearrange Jaap Kruithof
    The Belgian philosopher Jaap Kruithof (1929-2009) collected 10,000 items, things that other people usually discard. In the meantime, he criticized the disposable culture. Half of the Kruithof collection is now given a new life thanks to the work of visual artists Guy Rombouts and Benjamin Verdonck.
  • Exhibition
    V-bombs in Antwerp, 1944-1945
    The MAS focuses on a piece of city history from the Second World War. In the pavilion, you can see where V-bombs fell on Antwerp and the scars they have left behind, by means of photographs, first-person testimonies and maps. You can even see a real V1-bomb from the MAS collection.
  • In 2020, the MAS is taking a whole new course with its youth program "MAS in Young Hands". What must be stored in the MAS? According to young people, what is heritage and where do we find it in the city? With these and other questions, young people go to work online and offline and will inspire an artist in residence.
  • The MAS is anything but a classic museum. The story of the MAS is aimed at every visitor. We offer you a summary of our activities here.